Robot and manual welding

We can offer both welding services to our Customers dependable on scale and size of the ordered products. Our robotic welding stations guarantee high repeatability. The welds made are identical, so they can be used in mass production while manual welding can be applied to complicated short-series of goods.
We are broad experience in creating welding tools

  • TIG - The main advantages of the welding process are:
  • High quality of the weld beads;
  • Less heating of the welded part;
  • Absence of splashes.

This process is ideal when welding small parts with small/medium thicknesses that require high quality welding.

Robot do spawania

Robot do spawania

MIG/MAG welding process has the following main advantages

  • High welding speed (when compared to the various existing processes);
  • It’s easy to weld in different positions;
  • High material deposition rate;
  • Less metal distortion.